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Post45 publishes new work in three general categories. Please refer to the appropriate section below for submission information.

Peer Reviewed

This section aims to publish high quality, field-shaping work on any aspect of American literature and culture since the mid-twentieth century. Unlike many web-based journals, Post45 will not look to trim its essays to fit the imaginary, shortened attention span of the online reader. Neither will we automatically reject essays that fall outside the typical length of essays in academic journalsthe mind-bending twelve-page position piece and the 50-page archival breakthrough can both find a home here. The publication format allows for embedded film clips, audio, images, and other digital objects.

The editorial process for this space meets the professional standard for peer review; publications in this section can be listed on a CV as peer reviewed for the purposes of tenure and promotion. We will list our essays with the MLA Bibliography, where they will appear in standard searches. But unlike articles carried by expensive subscription databases such as JSTOR or Project Muse, essays here will be freely available around the world.

We understand that publishing in a newly established online journal may seem professionally less appealing than submitting to an established print journal, but the advantages to publishing here are significant. Web publishing has no backlog or issue-driven schedule to slow the release of your work. And in return for your best work, we offer our best effort to make a decision about your submission at a speed that will be considerably faster than traditional print journals. Because of our commitment to getting decisions out quickly, we may not be able to provide editorial comments on all submitted manuscripts. Be assured, however, that our exceptional board of readers will give all submissions the serious attention they deserve.

Essays should be submitted as Word files and formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style. Please attach to email addressed to amy dot hungerford at yale dot edu, merve dot emre at mcgill dot ca, smccann at wesleyan dot edu, and palmer dot rampell at yale dot edu.

Peer Review Editors:

Merve Emre, McGill University

Amy Hungerford, Yale University

Sean McCann, Wesleyan University

Review Board: The Post45 Steering committee is the core review body for the journal. That group may be joined by readers associated with Post45 to assess articles in their particular areas of expertise.

Managing Editor:

Palmer Rampell, Yale University


Post45 seeks to reinvigorate the erstwhile convention of academic critics not only describing past traditions but also actively intervening in current tastes.  It will provide a forum for reviews, interviews, and interventions that, shorter than the typical peer-reviewed essay, will attempt to jump-start conversations on new novels, poetry, nonfiction, films, and music. If you are interested in submitting to Contemporaries, send a brief (100 word) pitch to schihaya at princeton dot edu. Publications in Contemporaries are not subject to formal peer review.

Contemporaries Editor:

Sarah Chihaya, Princeton University

Curated Space

This section will hold exhibits of interest to scholars of the era. Sound, image, video, textit will all go there in an attractive interface designed to feature the archival material without sacrificing space for criticism. Anything from the art of the avant-garde book cover to a roundup of every musical allusion in Invisible Man to an audio-visual tour of movie villains and their modernist homes might be found inside. Unlike other web-based slideshows, our Curated Space offers plenty of room for explanatory text. Some entries will be strongly argued, others will be more neutrally archival. Curated Space is not subject to formal peer review. If you are interested in submitting to the curated space, send a brief (100 word) description of the project and a sample image, sound bite, or video clip or two to jd dot connor at yale dot edu and drayton underscore nabers at brown dot edu.