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2011 Keynotes, Contemporaries

Very Different Tonight: The Contagious Nightmares of Wilhelm Reich

Kim Cooper

This is a story about slippage between things that are objectively real
and things that are unknowable, about how one man’s memories
of a unique and troubled childhood….


Peer Reviewed

Counterfactual States of America: On Parallel Worlds and Longing for the Law

Fiction takes us out of this world. A given work might set fabricated characters and events within the actual existing world, thereby altering it; or it might fabricate a new…

Figure 5. Hiroshima, Fall 1945.

Peer Reviewed

Hiroshima and the Nuclear Event

“The most spectacular event of the past half-century,” Thomas Schelling announced in his Nobel Lecture of 2005, “is one that did not occur. We have enjoyed sixty years without nuclear…


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Richard Wright and the Police

Richard Wright always coincides with his object. -Georges Charbonnier Toward the end of his life, after a long exile in France accompanied by intermittent harassment by American internal security agencies,…

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P45 Peer Reviewed: The Launch

Essays by Jeffrey Clapp, Deak Nabers, and Paul K. Saint-Amour

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2011 Keynotes, Announcements

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“We’ll eat you up we love you so”

Warners Gone Wild

J. D. Connor

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