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“We’ll eat you up we love you so”

Warners Gone Wild

J. D. Connor

Personal Days


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Welcome to Contemporaries

by Andrew Hoberek

Dunning part-of-speech comparisons


Contemporary Fiction by the Numbers

Matthew Wilkens

Peer Reviewed

Post45 The Journal: Peer Reviewed

A home for field-defining new research
What we’re looking for and how to submit

Contemporaries, Uncategorized

Post45 The Journal: Contemporaries

Reviews of music, literature, and film; multimedia interviews and interventions about contemporary arts. What we’re looking for and how to submit

Curated Space, Uncategorized

Post45 The Journal: Curated Space

Multimedia exhibits of new archival work
What we’re looking for and how to submit

Rock Hall FI


Post45@The Rock Hall

The Conference
April 29–30, 2011
Keynotes: Steve Earle, Kim Cooper, Rick Moody, Kevin Young